Hindu Assignment

Hinduism Assignment
Paths to Moksha
    There are various forms of meditation that we individuals practice in our everyday lives to relieve stress, exercise and relax; yoga being one of them.   These four yoga categories were   very difficult for me to choose from. They all represent particular fractions of my personality. But as this assignment requires I chose the one that was the most compatible when compared to the others. And this form of yoga is the path of knowledge also known as the Jnana-yoga. When reflecting on variables such as: why I made this decision as to rather picking the other possibilities, how it suits me and provides a dharma that I can accomplish to the best to my abilities. They were the factors that ultimately determined my selection.

  Personally, I know jnana-yoga suits my personality, my own interests, my abilities and my preferences. Jnana-yoga is known as the path of knowledge, which leads me to my personality. My personality is fun, outgoing, and spiritual. A memory from my own life that applies to jnana-yoga is my bible studies. I would study and praise God (Brahman) every Sunday and thank him for all he has done in my life. This yoga also has connections with my personal interests. I love to pray to god and try to get more information on him so I will know how to meet him in paradise one day.

  Raja-yoga (The path of meditation), Bhakti-yoga (The path of devotion) and Karma-yoga (The path of good works) are not really in my personal interests also abilities. Raja-yoga focuses on deep meditation, which I am not really accustomed to. Sure I pray to god every day, I don’t just start mediating when I have free time. I remember once when my mom was mediating in her room and she told me to join her, and I told her that I didn’t really want to, in a nice tone. For Bhakti-yoga, it states its importance on devotion, which I don’t have at a consistence rate. I remember one time when I begged my dad to sign me up for tennis at the local...