Higher Education Importance in Society

1. Record of Classes attended

|Date                 |General Skills content                                                 |Specific new language                       |
|10/10/2012           |In this lesson, I learned about the purpose of university; which is to |Tips: practice more words in term of       |
|                     |learn new things and to acquire skill around learning. We also change   |knowing their definitions and spelling.     |
|                     |different words into different synonyms to make it more academic level.|                                           |
|                     |This was really useful as it helped me to realise that my writing is   |                                           |
|                     |not that academic as I thought it was. And this will help me in my     |                                           |
|                     |essay which I will write for this module.                               |                                           |
|17/10/2012           |Gained the skills of how to lay-out the essay structure. There should   |Practice writing many types of introduction|
|                     |be an introduction to each essay to show what your whole is about. Each|and through I will get some practice       |
|                     |essay paragraph should have a topic sentence to display to the reader   |writing introduction for my essay.         |
|                     |what your paragraph is telling and every paragraph should represent new|                                           |
|                     |point or new idea to support the essay. Also your essay should include |                                           |
|                     |a conclusion which should summarise the all essay to the reader.       |                                           |
|24/10/2012           |We read an article about ice man. We answer some of the question       |Read more article so that I know many types|