Heritage Assessment


      This paper will focus on the usefulness of the heritage assessment in evaluating the needs of individual as a whole, three families cultural perspective to health maintenance, protection, and restoration.The writers   personal health views, with respect to the culture.
Heritage can be defined as the extent to which an individual or groups of people’s lifestyle reflects tribal culture. It   is a continuous process that passess   from generation to generation. And it is also possible to accept some aspect of culture and reject others due to acceptance of a modern culture or a new way of doing things.   Living within the norms of the traditional culture and modern living outside norms of the tradition( Spector,2004) Culture can be defined as the learned, shared, and transmitted values, beliefs, norms, and way of life of a particular group of people.Blais et al (2006).
The usefulness of the personal heritage assessment stems from the design that elicit answers from the individual considering cultural background, religion, family structure, society , education , nutrition, language, and migration and the new culture if any. As nurse s it is very important   to understand this aspect of nursing so that patient will be approached   and properly taken care of. A persons cultural background ,religion, and belief greatly influences a person’s health and their response to medical care. In   taking care of patient   culture and   background plays an important role in helping the nurse take care of the patient.
Three different families were interviewed , Nigerian family, the   filipino family and the Amercan family.These family explained that the views of the individual familes refelect the views of those interviewed. The philipine family explained that they are catholics   and still goes to church weekly here in the united states.Parent and grand parents are from the philipines and still lives...