Heritage Assessment


Heritage   Assessment
With   the   increase   in   diverse   population   in   the   United     States,   the   nurses   in   America   need   to   Know   the   importance   of   culture   and   heritage   importance   in   health   care. .People   from   different   parts   of   world   carry   different   cultures   .   Each   culture   overview   health   in   different   ways.   Understanding   the   culture     make   it   easy   to   provide   quality   health   care   to   individuals   and   families.   Every   culture     have   their   own   health   belief   to     that   what   causes   sickness   and   who   should   be   involved   in   curing   and   what   sort   of   remedy   to   be   taken   to   cure   the   disease . The   more   the   understanding   of   the   culture   of   a   patient   the   better   the   care   the   patient   receives.”The   Heritage   Assessment   Tool”   is   designed     to   find   a patients     cultural, religious, family and   ethnic   back   ground.   The     norms   and   practices     in   each   culture   is     varied. The   “Heritage   Assessment   Tool”   gives   nurse   a picture   of   the   patients   understanding     regarding   the   health   beliefs   ,illness ,health   and   health   promotion. This   helps   for   the   plan   of   developing   a   culturally   appropriate   health   care.   In   this paper   the   goal   of       the   author   is   to   summarize   the   results   of   the   assessments     done   on   three   different   families   of   different   cultures   and   utilize   the   results   to   plan   the   health   promotion   based   on   different   cultures.
The   family   support   and   family   values   are   strong   support   for   patient   health care   and   health   maintenance     and   health   promotion. Author   interviewed   three   families including   authors   own   family   who   hail   from   India. Other   two   are   Hispanic   and   American     culture.”Culture   is   an   element   of   ethnicity, consists   of   shared   patterns   of   values   and   behaviors   that   characterize   a   particular   group”   (Winkleman   2001)   It   is   “shaped   by   values,...