Hendrix - Unfinished

I have chosen to look at the short lived life of Jimi Hendrix for my project as, to me, he is probably the best musician of all time. I hope to look further into his career and hopefully find out some new facts about him, his life and his death.

On the 27th November 1942, Johnny Allen Hendrix was born. His parents were James Allen Hendrix and 17 year old Lucille Ne Jetter. He was one of a family of five and along with his other brothers and sisters was put in care as Lucille couldn't afford to pay for them while their father was away in the army. On his return his father took him and this was when he was given the name James in honour of his deceased uncle.

At the age of 9 his parents divorced and he lived with his father. He went to a very ethnically mixed school which was rare for the times but still was seen as a very shy kid who kept to himself. Around the age of 15 when his mother died was when he bought his first guitar for $5. He would practice constantly and always be asking experienced band members for tips. The summer of 59' was when he got his first electric guitar and former bandmates have said that is was this guitar that taught Hendrix to play behind his back and as he was notoriously known for, with his teeth.

After playing in many bands mainly around Seattle and being kicked out of school for what Hendrix claimed was racial reasons he began to take a turn for the worse and was arrested twice for driving in stolen cars. He was given the choice of 2 years in prison or two years army service and chose to serve his country rather than prison. He had no interest in army life and would often sleep on duty and even once claimed he was homosexual in an attempt to be discharged. Eventually after showing no talent for marksmanship a commanding officer ordered Hendrix' discharge. Hendrix did take one positive from the army however, as he met fellow soldier and bass player Billy cox who turned out to be a lifelong friend.

As they both left the army...