Healthcare Problems

Major Problems with Healthcare

The major problems with healthcare in the United States can actually be summed up with one statement:   Most Americans feel they have the best healthcare in the world but the system which delivers it is the worst.   Why is this, and where or with whom does the blame lie?   That answer is not so simple because one could argue the blame lies in every aspect of healthcare delivery from physicians feeling forced to practice defensive medicine and therefore ordering unnecessary treatments and procedures simply to ‘cover’ themselves to hospitals and other healthcare delivery services with no discernable accountability over-charging the private insurance and private consumers to make up deficits caused by capped government payments, and the list goes on. The question of basic quality is always in question.   For decades Americans have heard healthcare horror stories of the wrong patient being operated on or a patient being admitted for minor surgery developing a major infection which leads to death.   Consequently, consumers have become more savvy regarding healthcare and hospitals, physicians and other healthcare services are forced to become more transparent, they are demanding higher more expertise and higher quality.   “Quality typically means different things to different people, and definitions of quality can incorporate various perspectives, depending on what individuals value most.   Over the years in health care, we have become more precise in defining quality.” (Curran, C., & Totten, M. (2011). Since the passage of the Healthcare Reform Law, healthcare agencies will now be accountable to a higher standard of care and if they fail, monetary fines will be imposed.
Healthcare Reform

  Americans are scared and confused about the new Healthcare Reform Law, it is far too complex for laymen comprehension and no one, from the President on down has explained it in an understandable way. “More than 2,100 adults were given...