Children Adn Fast Food

Persuasive Speech – Children and Fast Food

Based on 2009 US Industry report, there were 303,989 fast food locations in the US alone.() “Fast food was the main food source for up to 38% of children” stated researcher Shanthy Bowman, PhD, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, Maryland.() She also demonstrated that when kids eat fast food, they eat more food all day long and over one year time period, a child can pack on 6 extra pounds because of high fast food eating. The cause of overeating is a nation that is becoming obese and overweight. The cost is more illness and soaring healthcare problems.
Fast food is ready to eat alternative to home cooked food. When we say fast food, we are thinking   'junk food'. Fast food has become one and the same to hamburgers, pizzas, French fries, hot dogs, rolls, and more. Fast food has high calories, fats, saturated fats, sugar and salt content. The fats, sugar, and salt in fast food draw kids like a magnet, mostly because they appeal to the child's "primordial tastes", explained Bowman. And, because fast food doesn't contain much fiber, kids don't feel full afterward, so they eat more later on. Compared with kids that did not eat fast food, fast food eaters ate an average of 187 more calories a day. At that rate, “the child would gain 6 extra pounds each year, if they didn't get enough exercise to burn it off”, wrote PhD Bowman. At the same time, fast food causes a number of health problems in children.
The excess of sugar in fast food and sodas lead to diabetes in children. Their bodies would fail to produce the insulin that controls the sugar levels and metabolism.
Fats and saturated fats lead to high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol leads to various heart problems. These heart problems increase the risk of major heart diseases.
The excessive salt leads to high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to ruptures and cracks of blood vessel.
The lack of vitamins make the children...