What happened to me on August 16, 2005, changed my outlook on my personal health forever.
      My friend Matt was having a going away party.   I arrived early with some Jagermeister and a six
pack of Heineken.   I would say we all had about three shots and two beers.   It was starting to be a fun night, especially because my friend had a trampoline set up in the backyard.
      We had fun for a while just jumping on it doing back flips and jumping really high.   But with the alcohol and the inhibitions that may let go when one becomes a little drunk, we were kind of wondering what else can be done with this piece of backyard fun. The boredom was really staring to set in. I noticed that there was a tree that hung over the trampoline. About twenty feet directly above the trampoline there was a branch that looked like it could hold my 180 pound body.
      So the dares started.   First, it was, “let’s see who can jump off of the tree halfway up, onto the trampoline.” This was easily accomplished by more than one person.   But for someone that liked to push the limits. I was constantly visualizing myself dropping from twenty feet above, from the branch.   It was a dare that no one around would do, except for me and my drunk self. Slowly I started to climb the tree.   This was very dangerous, because if I fell before reaching the spot that was directly over the trampoline I could be severely injured and possibly break my arm on a branch.   I did it though I finally reached the spot directly over the trampoline.
      I paused for five minutes contemplating how I would jump. The trampoline was empty,   I was the main attraction for about thirty people.   Half of them were telling me to jump and the other half were trying to convince me not to jump.   I realize now the people that were telling me to jump were about as drunk as I was.   At this point there was no going back… I had to jump.   I realized that if I were to turn around I would take the chance of falling from a...