American Health Reform

My intentions are to discuss how the information in the article was misrepresented and manipulated to quantify the rational of why the local, state, and Federal Government should slow down the growth of health care costs. I will point out issues that have been manipulated to quantify the article-
- Using 2008 dollars to show a 4 percent increase over a 32 year period
- Inefficiency of Medicare and Medicaid   as the costs are passed to local, state, and Federal governments budgets
- How the Government health care reform will decrease the deficit and increase quality of life
- Catastrophic health issues are not addressed
- Throughout the whole article the use of empirical evidence
I intend to point out that the information is misleading and manipulated to justify why America needs a Government health care reform. I present what was attempted through prior administrations and why we need to keep what America currently has in place and so points that have driven health care to the brink of failure.
As an American that has used the current system throughout my entire life and have witnessed the changes of the health care system, some for the good, and some that only effected a small few and why we as Americans need a change but not based on a Government controlled health care system.  
American Health Care Reform
How can a government that cannot control their fiscal spending manage a health care system that America desperately needs?   As statics and opinions show Americans need an affordable, sensible health care system. Allowing local, state, and Federal government to take total control over which physician that can be seen and what treatments will be covered based on the governmental fiscal needs is not the right answer to America‚Äôs health care problems.
The government is trying to reduce the cost of health insurance for the individual, employer, state, and federal governments and disguise it as a reduction in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The report...