Health Nd Safety

Task 1
      1.1 In my nursery setting the health and safety policy and procedures is that it’s kept clean and safe.   All equipment is safe and in good order and where appropriate will conform British standards.   Training will be provided to ensure staff is aware of health and safety policy.   Risk assessments will be carried out before playing out in the garden. A minimum of 2 qualified first aiders will be present in the nursery and appropriate first aid arrangements will be provided.

      1.2 All staff is responsible for reporting health and safety in the nursery.   All fire exits should be kept clear at all times and keeping all electrical equipment well out of reach of the children at all times. Making sure that all external doors and gates are kept closed and secure and or locked at all times.   All medicines are kept out of reach and stored away.   All equipment is safe and in good condition and if not reported to the manager in charge.   Floors are mopped after all spillages and accidents.  

      1.3 Risk assessment, to assess the level of risk will be carried out accordingly by the nursery manager and the health and safety officer.   It will be reviewed on a regular basis i.e. 3 monthly maximum.   These findings will be recorded and stored in the risk assessment folder.
Task 2
3.1 The non medical incidents and emergencies that may happen in a nursery are a missing child or young person, bomb threat, flood, unauthorized person in the building and a fire, power failure, water being cut off and suspected gas leak.
3.2 In the event of a fire I would raise the alarm and make sure the children evacuate the building through the nearest fire exit. I would collect the registers and lead the children out in an orderly manner and should assemble into the main playground.   The manager would check all areas including the toilets, play area.   I would also make sure that someone is closing all the doors behind as we proceed out.   I would dial 999 and ask for the...