Health Care Marketing

Briefing on the process of selecting and acquiring an Information system for
Our Health Care Organization.
Mary Conley
HCA / 383
February 6, 2012

    During the implementation process of our Health Care Organization, we will ensure that we find the best system suitable for the size of our organization. We must be certain that we go through the correct process for selecting and acquiring the best information center for our organization.   We will discuss our organizations goals that will drive the selection of our Information Center. Last we will discuss the roles that each of the organizations stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process.
  The first step we must make is to pick out a team of about seven members. These members must have at least five years of experience in Information Technology systems.   It’s always good to have one or two members leading the implementation process. They will have to consider how many workstations we will need for our employees. Since our organization is not a large one the team will need to consider   which system would be most suitable for the size of our organization and which system is most compatible for the kind of information needed to be stored and a system that best suits our organizations overall needs. Since we are not a large hospital which is most suited for an enterprise system, we would be best suited for a secure cloud based subscription service (SaaS).With this system , it can be up and running in weeks. With a Hospitals enterprise systems it takes months sometimes years, to have the system operatible. This SaaS system is quite suitable because it’s in standards with the industry protocols in conjunction with our hospitals current IT infrastructure. If a health care technician is familiar with a web browser then they should have no trouble operating a cloud based EHR.   If not then they are easy to use and can easily be learned from the start. Another good thing about a SaaS it cost 50 to 66%...