Successful Governance of Health Information Exchanges: Understanding Hies and the Role of Health Care Administrators

Successful Governance of Health Information Exchanges: Understanding HIEs and the role of health care administrators

Executive Summary
      In the realm of health information technology (HIT), health information exchanges (HIE) are the next step to establish goals for increased meaningful use.   As regions and states begin to establish HIEs, governance of HIEs has become an increasingly significant issue.   The ideal structure and sustainability of the governance of HIEs is still in debate.
      Health care administrators need to get involved in the implementation of HIEs and its governing body early to ensure their organization’s needs are met and that the governing body understands the obstacles health care organizations face when managing HIT.
      Involvement of administrators in the governing process can help implement robust HIEs that yield organizational efficiency, cost savings, and improved patient outcomes.   Furthermore, the dynamics of the clinical data collection can lead to health care and public health leaders developing programs to further improve the overall health of the community.

Health information exchanges (HIEs) mobilize health care information through the use of electronic health records between organizations within a community or region.   The goal of HIEs is to retain the meaning of information exchanged between different health care organizations.   The ability to transfer information across organizations in a region can effectively create a patient-centered environment that is more efficient, effective, and safe (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society).
Health care costs are at an all time high in the United States. Health care organizations are utilizing health information technology (HIT) and HIEs to streamline health care services.   HIEs are paving the way for improving safety, quality and efficiency of patient care.   The health care industry has faced significant reforms in the past year.   The...