Health Assessment Questions

Heath Assessment Questions

Explain the family eating habits?
What does your typical meal for the day consist of?
How often do the family snack outside of their regular meals for the day?
What are family elimination habit? Outline each person elimination habits.
Explain the importance of regular routine elimination pattern to your family and what measures are taken to ensure this.
How does the type of plumbing and sewer system location affect your family elimination needs and pattern?
Sleep-Rest pattern
What are you sleep patterns like including bedtime rituals and length of sleep?
What are the influences on your sleeping pattern and your ability to get adequate rest?
Do your family have any sleep related disorder, if yes, describe.
How regular does your family exercise and what do your family think of exercising?
What effort does your make to keep physically active?
What do your family for fun?
Cognitive and Sensory Perspective
How does your family normally go about making decision regarding health promotion and disease prevention?
Do all family members involve in the decision-making process, or is one person responsible for all the decisions?
Are family members aware of their health behavior (or destructive behavior)?
What kind of feelings do family members have for each other?
What makes the family different from each other?
How does the family handle crisis situation?
Family Health Assessment Questions

Roles-Relationships pattern
Who is employed outside the home?
Who takes care of the children if both parents are employed outside of the home?
Is there fair distribution of tasks among family members?
Why would you say there is a sense of commitment, love obligation, responsibility, and care for each other?
Is the couple realistic in their expectations of marriage and parenthood and about their relationships as lovers?
What kind of birth control measures are used?