Health and Wellness Plan

Creating a Personal Wellness Plan
A personal wellness plan is more than staying fit and healthy.   It is creating a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being connecting mind, body, and spirit. When setting personal goals, it is also important to remember that wellness doesn’t just happen; it’s a lifelong journey.   We have decided to use the following five dimensions of wellness to make your life at St. Margaret’s a success. The following questions should help you think of what you need to create a balanced lifestyle.

▪ What do I feel are my greatest strengths and talents?
▪ How can I build on my strengths and talents?
▪ What is it about my life that I like?
▪ What ways of thinking produce those results?
▪ How can my life be improved?
▪ What ways of thinking can produce those results?
▪ Do I have any unhealthy habits?   How can I end them?
▪ Think of a person who made a positive difference in your life.   What qualities does that person have that you would like to develop?
▪ List 10 things you love to do?
▪ Look in the mirror and ask, “Would I want to marry someone like me?   If not, what can I do to develop the qualities I’m lacking?

▪ How can I be more physically fit?
▪ In what ways can I be more active?
▪ Are there activities I really enjoy?
▪ What can I do if I am feeling tired and lethargic?
▪ How can I be more aware of how I see my body?
▪ In what ways do I need to change my eating habits?
▪ How can I be more aware of the effects of substances on my body (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription and nonprescription drugs, etc.)?
▪ What in my family’s medical history do I need to be aware of?
▪ What in my own medical history do I need to be more aware of?
▪ How can I be more aware of my sexual health?
▪ Where can I find information to lead a healthier lifestyle?
What is one short term goal I can make to improve my physical well-being?
What is one long term goal I can make to improve my...