Eymp3-3.2 Describe the Roles of Key Health Professionals and Sources of Professional Advice in Promoting Positive Health and Well Being for Early Years Children and Their Families and Carers.

The roles of key health professionals are as follows:
School nurse she will offer advice to parents on the health of their child and she will carry out hearing checks, give advice on to parents regarding their child’s toilet habits, advice on skin tags and rashes gives information on weather the child needs to visit their GP, this can all be done in the setting. They will monitor the health of the children and also give advice to schools.
Audiologist they will measure the child’s hearing levels
Dentist gives advice on how to keep teeth and gums healthy.
Dieticians work to give advice on the right nutrients the child needs and from what foods to get them. My setting also has leaflets available for parents to take home on healthy eating.
GP doctors are usually one of the first people to see the child and can give care to the child and the family and make the right referrals if required.
Paediatrician they specialise in working with children with health problems.
Speech therapists they help children with speech, language and communication difficulties and give advice to schools and parents.
Physiotherapists help children with coordination and their movement resulting from injury, illness or a medical condition. In my setting they will come in and give advice to the teaching assistant who works with a child with a medical problem.
Psychologists will work with a child with behavioural or learning difficulty.
Optometrist will examine the child’s eyesight and prescribe glasses if needed.
Health visitor they work with GPs to give support to children and their families they can give advice to parents regarding the child’s health and development.Works with families from when a child is 10 days old and records its weight and height. They carry out age milestone checks on the children and refer any concerns that they may have to the GP.

Parent’s permission must always be given before making referrals.