Health and Safety

What is health and safety?
Health and safety is vital in protecting employees, employer’s visitors and service users in a social care setting or any place of work. Employees should except responsibility and be able to identify potential hazards within the workplace. They can achieve this by being clear of the policy and procedures regarding health and safety, this way health and safety can be achieved to the highest standards. Risk assessments should always be carried out thoroughly, and everything should be recorded and reported accurately.   Attending training courses is another way that staff and companies can raise the standards and awareness of health and safety.
Health and safety policies and procedures sets out how employees should conduct themselves at work to protect themselves and others. Employees should always use equipment provided by the employer for example manual handling equipment failure to use equipment provided could cause injury to yourself or to the service user, you should never use specialist equipment unless trained to do so. You and the employer could be liable to prosecution if health and safety regulations are not followed.   Employees should also wear any PPE (personal protective equipment) supplied by the employer, this can protect yourself and service user from cross contamination of infection. Working towards policy and procedures and attending training courses improves your awareness and assists you in protecting yourself and colleagues in a professional manor.
It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure health and safety for all within the workplace. Employers must ensure that any equipment is fit for use and maintained regularly if required. They must ensure that equipment and systems are safe to use and do not put the employees at risk. Employers have a legal obligation to provide up to date and accurate information, suitable training and supervision relating to health and safety. Employees also have a legal responsibility...