Health and Safety

Lo1.   Define the main health, safety and   welfare legislation in construction and the implications of non compliance.
a) Specify the legal responsibilities of the parties involved in the construction of the multi storey office building.
The following shows the parties involved in the construction of the multi storey office building and I have stated their legal responsibilities as it is on
• Construction risk can be carried out without risk to health and safety;
• Welfare arrangements are in place before work begins;
• Any structure designed for use as a workplace complies with the Workplace Regulations;
• Sufficient time and resources are allocated to achieve these duties and
• To indicate to contractors and designers how much time is available for planning and preparation before work starts. CDM COORDINATOR:
• The coordinator's main role is to advise and assist the client in discharging their duties, and notably to advise on the competence of appointees and the adequacy of other duty holders' arrangements for controlling risks during the project. Empowered through the client's contractual arrangements, and having the ear of the client, a competent coordinator will have a pivotal advisory role throughout a CDM project.
• Plan, manage and monitor construction phase in liaison with contractor
• Prepare, develop and implement a written plan and site rules (Initial plan completed before the construction phase begins)
• Give contractors relevant parts of the plan
• Make sure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start and maintained throughout the construction phase
• Check competence of all appointees
• Ensure all workers have site inductions and any further information and training needed for the work
• Consult with the workers
• Liaise with CDM co-ordinator regarding ongoing design
• Secure the site

• Eliminate hazards and risks during design
• Provide...