Health and Safety Working Life

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            Health and Safety at Work
My experiences of Health and Safety in the workplace and the legal obligations of both the Employer and the Employee.

In my working life I have come across many situations where Health and Safety have played a vital role in the wellbeing of both myself, and others around me.

In my last job I was employed as a ‘Keg Delivery Driver for Guinness’.
My main duties involved the driving of   a HGV lorry , dispatch of loads, loading and unloading of lorries, checking of final loads, logging of kegged beer both in and out of the depot, general upkeep of the lorries, warehousing   and good housekeeping.

My Employer’s Obligations:

This job involved a lot of manual handling, and had the potential for causing serious injury or worse.
The company had a legal requirement to provide training in both Manual Handling and Ergonomics, which involved ‘Hands On’ training, tutorials, watching real life footage and scenarios on DVD, and written assessments.

They also supplied ‘PPE’ (Personal Protective Equipment), which included:

  * Steel Toe Capped Safety Boots,
  * Safety Gloves and Inner Liners ,
  * High Visibility Vests,
  * Full Uniform,
  * Full Rainwear,
  * Lorry First Aid Kits and
  * Lorry Fire Extinguishers.

As I said previously, this was the companies ‘Legal Requirement’ under the Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992.

All Transport companies or Hauliers must provide their drivers with a first aid kit for their lorries, but   All employers must make provision for ’First Aid’ in your workplace as they are responsible (by law) for making sure that you receive immediate attention if you become ill, or are injured at work no matter how trivial the injury may be.
Accidents and illness can occur at any time and First Aid can save lives and can stop minor injuries becoming major ones.
A First Aider is NOT allowed to administer: Lotions, Potions or Pills, but Anyone...