Health and Safety in Construction 1.1

Assignment One
Firstly, the employers are very much responsible for you, the employees, safety. Because of this, an employer has the responsibility to go to a site and check the area for any potential risks, and then form a risk assessment to prevent any accidents which may be caused because of that risk. On top of that, they will be expected you provide you training on how to prevent or deal with any risks which may be presented to you whilst you are on site, along with providing you information of the risks if there are any. Also, they should discuss with you any health concerns which may be in your site and how to find a suitable solution to fix it.

An employer can also appoint an employee which he perceives to be competent to assist him in ensuring that multiple health and safety acts are met, this would be known as a Safety Co-Ordinator. This person would now be responsible for the employees Health and Safety, this would comply with the CDM regulations of 2015. A Safety Coordinator essentially takes that aspect of work from an employer and now does it for them, ensuring all health and safety procedures are met, the employees have suitable training to prevent any form of risk.

Ofcourse, you the employee are also fully responsible for your own health and safety, and we will work to ensure that you realize that and become more understanding of how the Health and Safety regulations work in our company. Some of the main responsibilities as to which our employees are required to do are assessing yourself in order to identify if you are competent enough to take part in a certain task.

Another critical person would ofcourse be the Health and Safety Executive's, this organisation goes around to multiple businesses and checks for any risks on a site which could affect your health, safety or welfare. They will ensure you follow all of the acts and the business may receive citations if found to have failed in those acts, such as being persecuted in court....