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Health and Safety Assignment 2

Task D


In this part of the assignment I will look at a case study and evaluate this in term of risk assessment, I will use this information to determine recommendations for care planning and management of Mr Campbell the service user. I will discuss how dilemmas within the case study can be addressed by implementing policies and systems for Health, Safety and Security.

Ref 1 Risk assessment
Risk assessment is the process of evaluating risks to workers’ safety and health from workplace hazards. It is a systematic examination of all aspects of work that considers:
§ what could cause injury or harm
§ whether the hazards could be eliminated and, if not,
§ what preventive or protective measures are, or should be, in place to control the risks.

Mr Campbell - 72 year old male, widowed.

Worked full time until the age of 52, then part time work to make up pension. Qualified Chef - Many friends -   happy and outgoing. History of medical problems - smokes - alcohol once per week- proud man.

Risk noted or reported in the past - Health difficulties (circulation problems, cardio vascular accident or stroke). Poor speech due to stroke.
Risk noted or reported currently - Difficulties with strength in his right side (arm and leg), uses a stick to aid walking, difficulty with his fine motor skills, dizzy spells and falls, drinking alcohol on Friday evenings and returning to home drunk, known to lit cigarette within home while drunk, due to alcohol finds it difficult to get out of bed to use the toilet often causing him to be incontinent of urine. Can be bad tempered and difficult the next day after alcohol.

There is no history of inappropriate activity or sexualised behaviours - Low Risk

Current supports - Formal - Care workers within care home and Physiotherapist. Informal - Friends and Family.

Ref 2
When thinking about your risk...