Happy Marriages

Happy Marriages

Latonya Harrison

Com200: Interpersonal Communication

Instructor: Steven Fritzenkotter

January 23, 2012

Happy Marriages
Communication is the most important part of being in a relationship. I most definitely agree with setting aside 10 minutes a day for quality conversation, I think it would make it healthier, stronger and you are able to learn something new about your spouse daily. The relationship tends to drift apart I think, if there is lack of communication. And then there might be the factor of stepping outside of your marriage, or relationship to find someone else to talk to. I can relate to self-disclosure. My fiancĂ© and I usually talk every     night after our daughter goes to bed. It is nothing in particular we discuss only if needed, but we talk about movies, life, music etc. I think self-disclosure is very important in a relationship. You should be able to discuss any and everything with your significant other. But to have that relationship where someone wants to know your deepest darkest secret and have you tell them theirs is special to me. As far as gender goes with communication, he is more of a talker than I. Most of the time I am the one to sit back, listen and observe, meanwhile he likes to discuss everything when in other cases it is it other way around.
Men tend to favor gestures of affirmation over words, Orbuch says. Women tend to go with verbal affirmation. In some cases this maybe true. At sometimes I would be more verbal than he, but majority of the time it is him that is doing all the talking and I listen and add words here and there. So, because of the way our relationship works I do not think I fit into the generalization regarding to gender.

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