Hamlet Half Speech

English Speaking Task
By Jenin
Good evening, as a member of the royal family of Denmark, I stand before you to discuss the tragic tale of the evolution of my life. Arguably, I am one of the most dramatic characters to have existed since the Shakespearean time to the modern era. I am a man of radical contradictions, inattentive at times yet vigilant, uncivil to some yet courteous to others, tender at first sight yet vicious on the inside. I am, Prince Hamlet.
Questions have arisen over time of what my role in the play is. In my eyes, I see myself as a tragic hero, in other words, “a prince among men”. Long gone are the days when Denmark used to rule over the surrounding nations, long gone are the days when Denmark used to be a haven for one and all, and long gone are the days when I had total control over myself. As of late, the Hamlet you see has been consumed by hate, brutality, indecisiveness, obsession and madness, all due to my relentless pursuit of revenge. Revenge, of course, to kill the traitorous serpent that is Claudius.
I perceive myself as an enforcer of justice, restoring it when it is required. I play my part as a tragic hero throughout the play, at all costs. For instance, when Claudius wrote a letter sentencing me to my death, and gave responsibility to Guildenstern and Rosencrantz to watch over me, I knew something was wrong. I played along, finally until I managed to switch things around just enough to send Guildenstern and Rosencrantz to THEIR death. Being old acquaintances of mine, it may seem harsh, but it isn’t. I felt no remorse whatsoever, most probably due to my inner self being consumed in hatred.
At this point, I am made out to look like a villain. Someone who the audience love to hate and put all the blame on.
Many questions arise over my personality and my actions. I am here to express my views on h

I recall Claudius asking me, “How is it that the clouds still hang on you?” “Not so, my lord; I am too much i’the sun” I had...