Hamlet Speech

Ophelia let us stroll the grounds of Elsinore Castle.   It is so good to see you my being in France a while has caused me to miss you dearly.   We must speak about all of this nonsense that father has informed me of; father had ask me to return for the coronation of the new King, Claudius.

What curiosity it brought me to hear all of this in a letter from father, when it was only a short time ago that we were cloaked in black lamenting for old Hamlet’s death.   Is this the reason why young Hamlet is acting so differently, uttering strange things and wears dark clothing.   All of this behaviour is very unmanly and unkingly. My dear Ophelia I never trusted him and i believe you must be very careful of your reputation, whilst with him.

I’ve also heard that Gertrude has married Claudius; this struck a harsh cord when this information became known to me.   I had never realised how close Gertrude and Claudius were, but it doesn’t do Gertrude much justice.   A quick marriage when her husband is hardly cold from a mysterious death and a short of mourning does not speak well of her propriety.   It is hard to decipher how did he come to woo her, what kind of man marries his brother’s wife when their marriage bed is still warm.   The marriage is very much incest, and with King Hamlets death being so sudden it makes me consider the possibility that Gertrude may have been involved in his death and that is the reason to their quick marriage.   I remember when i saw Gertrude and Claudius in the shadows together a short time ago. But i still can’t understand why, Gertrude seemed so in love with King Hamlet.

The state of Denmark is in mourning and they don’t know what to think about Claudius.   I think we believed that Hamlet would follow his father steps and become King, but Hamlet is very different to his father but, he didn’t do much to support the state of Denmark, rather than staying home in Denmark and playing the role of a prince he was off in Wittenberg.   This lead to the...