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Business Netowrking
  Team Oral presentation

Business networking: How can communication channels and networks help or impede the flow of messages through organisations?

    • The aim is to introduce team work
    • This will help familiarize you with the skills of time
    • People and resource management
    • Your group has to deliver an oral presentaction (seven minutes in length) on your assigned
    • All groups are required to submit peer evaluations and a breakdown of tasks.

Topic 1: Defining communication channels and types of communication channels

Eunson (2012)
Chapter 1 Page 18,19,24,25
Chapter 4
          Chapter 1     Page 19, 20, 22
          Chapter 10   Page 348 and
          Chapter 16   Page 514

Topic 2: Who uses them?

Insert an interactive activity with the audience*

Topic 3: Advantages and disadvantages and disadvantages of channels

Topic 4: Solutions/ideas to help to impede the flow of communication

Eunson (2012)
Chapter 16 Page 535, 537-538

In the text book, business networking is in chapter 4 and 16
Summers and Smith Chap 8 and online readings.

Topic 1: Defining communication channels and types of communication channels

Communications channels

Eunson (2012) states channels are the avenues for messages processed between people. This can be in the form of memos, letters or emails etc.   Eunson (2012) provides evidence for both new and traditional forms of communication in the workplace.

These are as follows:

Eunson (2012) defines the first channel as One-way, two-way or multidirectional. The passage of information one way is straight forward to the receiver. Communication both ways is received and given mutually.   Lastly the multidirectional communication can be messages communicated up and down throughout the organization or through the Grapevine. The grapevine is communication that travels informally in a network of avenues or...