Responsibility and Cooperation

In the process of raising children, they need to know two things: responsibility and cooperation.
Responsibility: On one hand, responsibility entitles them essential impulse to deal with issues around -- education, self-improvement, their future objective and etc.; on the other hand, through constant concentrating on one's own responsibility, they are able to conquer whatever hardship they would meet in the long but limit paths of life. Moreover, responsibility teaches children to be a useful person in societies. In order to keep consistent social development, working force of tomorrow--our children of today-- ought to understand important roles as social member they are going to play. To enrich human knowledge, to maintain cultural identity, to build more advanced society, all they need to do is to form a sense of responsibility deeply in their heart, a flame that only they can kindle. So, responsibility secures both our children's health development and a better future of tomorrow.
Cooperation: There is no escaping fact that children when they touch our complex society by their first steps they have to keep firm connection with a variety of individuals-- not only their contemporaries but also old generations, not only people from their own societies but also from others with completely different culture and value systems. Along with the development of science and technology, our world are becoming a global village, but there are new things coming out through this procedure, posed to human beings. Every one nowadays deeply believe that we are to usher in a new and more stirring episode of science and technology drama in no more than one hundred years. To carry out more challenge tasks children must realize that they first need to learn from others and then cooperate with others rather than acting for their own interest.