1. Sie wurden damit beauftragt eine Projektgruppe zusammenzustellen. Welche Überlegungen stellen Sie an, um ein möglichst leistungsfähiges Team zu schaffen?

a. Begründen Sie, anhand welcher Kriterien Sie Ihre Gruppe zusammenstellen. (15 Punkte)

First of all I would get a picture of the competences, skills and knowledge of the group members because it is very important to have a good mixture of intellectual people with a bride base of background knowledge which they can bring into the group.

Furthermore the personality is very important to form a productive group because you can have the most intelligent people of the world in the group but when they cannot work together you won´t get the result you would like to have.
You have to find members which are open-minded, creative and like to work with other people because good communication in the group is the key to success.

Another thing that also happens in groups is role allowance.
There are always people which want to lead a group and the ones which only submit to the leaders and I would try to find a well-balanced relation between them.

The last aspect for building up a group is the size of it. If the group is too big you cannot coordinate it as well as with less people, but is it too small you do not have a big variety of ideas and knowledge.
My group would have the size of 5-9 people because this is the best relation between coordination and varieties of ideas.

The last thing that would have influence on my decision is the attitude of the members for working in a group.

b. Diskutieren Sie die Auswirkung von Diversität in der Gruppe bei der Ideenfindung. (10 Punkte)

Diversity often leads to conflicts and furthermore to bad and unmotivated teamwork. Very often it also happens that members leave the group because of diversities in it so it is not easy to find a group which has difficult opinions but also like to work together.

The most important aspect if   diversity in groups   leads to...