Ground Rules

Ground Rules
All learner participating and discussing ground rules  
As a trainer I lead the discussion and give a flipchart sheet to all the learners in the session (normally 4 to 8 people in each training session) and I use one dedicated member of the group to write down the rules they discuss on the flipchart, giving them 10 minutes to do this. After the initial discussion of ground rules these ground rules are put on a wall and are discussed to further to clarify them, so that each learner is fully aware of the ground rules. I ask the group why they chose these ground rules to understand and underpin their knowledge on the ground rules.
*Asking each individual to establish and identify *one rule
I also use another way to ask each individual around the tableto identify one ground rule, and justify their answer to underpin their knowledge.
In both cases, if I think they have missed any important ground rule, I suggest a few rules too, that are important in the learning environment.
The following ground rules are normally put in place:
  To switch off Mobile phones or put them on silent in case they   need it for emergency use
      Not to interrupt others and speak over them
      Not to interrupt the trainer and speak over them
      Active listening
      Respecting and showing dignity to all in the training session
      Confidentiality – anything said in the training session should   and will remain within the training session
      Punctuality – arrive on time
      To speak one at a time
    As an addition to these ground rules, Equality and Diversity is mentioned and explained to the group of learners, with the allowance of open questions e.g. what do you think is meant by Equality and Diversity? This is discussed and then it is introduced as a ground rule within in the training session.