Ground Rules

PTLLS Assignment 1
Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

In all facet of life where people work together in groups there will always a need to lay down some ground rules.   So that there is no misunderstanding. It   facilitate to form the structure,order for the course. These ground rules are for the benefit of both the tutor and the learners alike. It creates mutual respect if all contribute to it, there is fairer system. All are listened to and their view are heard that leads to satisfaction. The tutor would inform the learners of the mandatory ground rules:
A good way to have the other ground rules is to open it up for discussion with the group and get them to outline their own ground rules. Using the whiteboard encourage them to call out their ideas and make a list on the board. Some good ground rules would be:
      Give everyone a chance to contribute.
      Be Attentive.
      Support and encourage.
      Respect/listen to each other's views and opinions.
      No foul language.
      Free to challenge (without getting personal).
      Switch off mobiles or have on vibrate.

Even the tutor need set up some ground rules for themselves
        The classroom is set up properly
        Make sure you have the relevant equipment
        Minimise distractions
        Be approachable and at the same time make sure the learner listen
        Start and finish session on time and give some extra time for the learner to ask their difficulties.
Now we have set all the ground rules everybody should have an idea of what is expected of themselves and behave accordingly hopefully this would then lead to a happy and harmony environment in the group.