Ground Rules

Sharon Attridge
PRSR 3761
13th June 2010
Theory Assignment Task 5

Explain ways to embed elements of Functional Skills, in your specialist area.

Functional skills are essential basics of   literacy, numeracy and ICT that enables learner’s to assess key knowledge and understanding.   They provide individuals with skills and abilities that they can use to function confidently, effectively and independently for life. My area of expertise is health care, there are many elements of functional skills embedded within this subject, many of them   could be absorbed without the learner   realizing.   The Back Care aims is to broaden individual
knowledge and awareness of how to look after your back, this course will offer learner’s the chance to develop numeracy, literacy and ICT.

My course incorporates literacy skills by:

      Encouraging listening and communication through open discussion during the session.
      Labeling the human spine using words on worksheets
      Using quizzes to develop questions and answers learning
      Spelling through word search and labeling worksheet sheet
      Giving clear explanation of how the spine works through a demonstration to the group
      Through good communication.


          Calculating how many bones are in the human spine
          Financial cost   of back injury.
        Assessing the correct   number of moving techniques
        Reading statistics when discussing legation and regulation basic function numeracy skills
        Used: time, measurement, weight, volume, reading and statistics


          Encouraging learners through homework I would encourage learner   to use the relevant
          websites for information and support.
          research via the internet for treatments of   back pain

  By incorporating literacy, numeracy and ICT allows learners to progress enabling them for
  life and for work.
Without function skills we are more likely to struggle in...