Green Licennse Plates

Green License Plates to Identify Sex Offenders in Ohio

In the United States 25% of all children are sexually abused prior to their 18th birthday.   That means statistically 1 out of every 4 children are sexually abused. Only 16% of child victims ever feel comfortable telling someone they are being abused and only 3% of sex offenders are caught and prosecuted. 1 out of 3 people with be raped through out their lifetime, 1 out of 4 are women. Ohio is a similar microcosm of the same nationwide statistics. Therefore, requiring sexual offenders in Ohio to have green license plates in one important step in identifying sexual offenders and protecting victims from further offenses.   Only convicted sex offenders that used violence or preyed on minors would have green license plates.   Also right now people have gotten D.U.I’s have yellow license plates with red numbers and letters.

In Ohio the largest group of sexual offenders were those who victimized children under the age of 13. 93% of all sexual offences involved children victims. Children who have been sexually abused have higher rates of suicide, antisocial behavior, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, alcoholism and drug abuse. Research also indicates that severe forms of sexual abuse can have deteriorating effects of normal brain development. When an individual is raped it affects their relationships, their view of the world and their ability to trust or feel safe and often causes psychological disorders.   There is evidence that people who had been sexually assaulted repeat the cycle and are more likely to sexually assault someone else.

Sex offenders thrive on presenting themselves as a person who is safe and fun to be around children. Sex offenders are often the person that parents trust the most with their children. Given the fact that the majority of Ohio’s sexual offenders are offenders who pray on children; it appears clearly evident that the people of Ohio must implement laws that allow children to...