Greek Gods

Greek Heroes
Although the Greek god’s and goddesses were the main influence in Greek society, some men were recognized as heroes because of their actions. The myth of “Odysseus “and “Perseus and Medusa”, demonstrate the different character traits of being a hero. These traits recognize the heroes and because of their actions, their stories are even told today and have been passed down through generations. In the myth “Odysseus” and “Perseus and Medusa”, the heroes demonstrate that being wise is also a key to success and making wise decisions is the solution to all the problems. Also, a hero should also be brave and determined because those two qualities are like the pillars of a bridge. They are very important to support the hero himself.
Being wise was an important skill to maintain. In the myth “Odysseus “, the young warrior demonstrates not only his physical attributes but also, his wise thinking. Odysseus was not only a man of swordsmanship, but also a wise decision maker. While being trapped in the cave, he realizes that his strength is not enough to move the big rock on the opening of the cave. Therefore, when the Cyclops asks Odysseus his name, he replies, “My name is Noman” (line66). The Cyclops ‘goes back to sleep, grunting and growling” (line68). Odysseus uses this opportunity to bury the olive-sapling into the Cyclops’ eye, leaving him in deep pain and anger. The Cyclops roars and grunts, awaking the other nearby Cyclopes.   One of the Cyclops named Polyphemos shouts, ‘“Why are you making all the noise? Is anyone killing you?’. ‘Noman is killing me!’” (line82). Odysseus changed his named into “Noman” which sounds like “No-man” therefore he was wise enough to plan ahead for this situation. The other Cyclops heard the Cyclops say, “No man is killing me” and therefore thought he had been playing around. The next morning, the Cyclops opened the door to the cave and Odysseus and the rest of the crew sneaked out. In the myth “Perseus and Medusa”, Perseus...