Great Expectation Essay

How Dickens creates powerful atmospheres and setting in his novel “Great Expectations”

‘Great Expectation’ was written by Charles Dickens. In 19th century, there are no law in that day to protect the child that’s why most of children could be brought up by hand. In that period, you do not really get opportunities to send your children to school so they had to send them out to factories instead. Charles Dickens novel, ‘Great Expectation’ is the struggle faced by Pip. The story uses element of his childhood to tell the story.

Dickens creates powerful atmosphere and setting through out ‘Great Expectations’. In this essay I will be exploring how he creates these powerful atmospheres and setting in these three sections which are the marshes and Pip as young child, Satis house and Miss Havisham, London and Mr Jagger’s office.

In the opening of Dickens novel, the atmosphere was dismal and cold when Pip is in the graveyard visiting his parent, “the distant savage lair from which the wind was rushing, was the sea.” This show that it was windy and dark so this make Pip feel scared but he still wants to be in graveyard. This also give reader a feeling that Pip is very brave because Pip only little boy and children that age shouldn’t be in graveyard at this time but Pip he’s lonely because his parent passed away and that’s why Pip always come to graveyard to visit his parent, this give reader the feeling that something might happened to him and feel sorry for him at the same time.

Charles Dickens mention the word ‘dark’ and ‘black’ quite often because he want to make reader feel that is not a really nice place to be in this. This is the most effective words that Dickens used to describe the atmosphere in the opening chapter.

In chapter 8 Pip is asked to go to Miss Havisham’s house and it is regarded as a great honour for him because Pip is living in lower class than Miss Havisham which is in higher class so this is really honour for him to meet her.