Grave of the Fireflies Summary

Grave of The Fireflies Summary

The Grave of The Fireflies is a Japanese Anime about a boy named Seita and his younger sister called Setsuko. This movie takes place in Japan 1940 during World War II. Seita and Setsuko lived with their mother while their father was in the Navy. An air raid siren went off. People rushed to the bomb shelter, thousands of Incendiary bombs come crashing down on rooftops and paths. Seita and Setsuko make it into the shelter but are unsure where their mother is. Seita and Setsuko’s house is destroyed. Seita receives word that their mother is in hospital and has been severely injured. He tells Setsuko that her mother’s a bit sick. They stay at their aunties. Their auntie is treats them awfully and taunts them about not getting jobs and helping rebuild Japan. After a while of living at their aunties, Seita is informed that his mother has passed away. Seita decides to lie to Setsuko and just say that she’s still in hospital. Even after their mother died their auntie still taunted and teased Seita and Setsuko, so they decided it would be a smart idea to just move into the bomb shelter, that way they could get there instantly if an air raid siren went off, and the bomb shelter was perfectly livable.

While spending their first night in the shelter Setsuko gets scared, so very cleverly Seita catches lots of fireflies and lets them go underneath the mosquito netting, giving them a beautiful light. In the morning Setsuko starts to feel very sick. This only gets much worse. Setsuko becomes extremely ill and has to be taken to a doctor; the doctor says she needs food. But Seita doesn’t have food. Setsuko’s condition gets far worse, and eventually Setsuko dies Seita loses all meaning of life and becomes a homeless person, and eventually dies away too.

By Jordan Pappalardo

2.                                                                   Advantages

. Anime is very cheap
. Anything can be done in anime as long as it can be drawn