2.01 Graphics and Copyright

1. Read the content below silently (8 minutes).
2. Write one sentence that best describes the content of this handout “Graphics Copyright”.
3. Type your sentence in the header section of this page and submit as your assignment.

Graphics and Copyright

Before you begin working with images and downloading graphics from the Internet, you need to be aware of the copyright laws.   Read and heed the following important information that will keep you out of copyright jail.

FREE STUFF: You can find totally free graphic sites on the Web by entering "free graphics" into a search engine.   The images are typically of poor quality- in other words; they're worth what you pay for them.   But at least, they clearly indicate they are free.

If you find an image on the Web, it is YOUR responsibility to find out whether it is free for your use or not!   According to the law, EVERY image is protected by copyright automatically when it is created.   The question is whether the owner of the image cares whether you use it.

For personal, academic, not-for-profit use, some people will let you copy their graphics from their Web sites

Some will allow you to copy their graphics, but ask you to link to their site, or in some way give them credit for the graphic.

Always look in the GET INFO (Mac) or Properties screen to see if there is trademark information. WHEN IN DOUBT, DO YOUR BEST TO CONTACT THE OWNER OF THE GRAPHIC!

If you do obtain an image and use it, and the owner finds out and wishes you to remove it, they must notify you in writing and you must remove it.

**Note on Copyright Law**

Use your best judgment, and be aware that EVERYTHING you see on the Web, by law, is the copyrighted property of someone, and that academic use does not automatically protect you from being sued for copyright infringement!

Visit The U.S. Copyright Office Home Page:   Read all about U.S. copyright law

Also see the TEACH act, which...