Goya Foods

Consumer Marketing Strategy of Goya Foods
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Consumer Marketing Strategy of Goya Foods

      Goya Foods Company is the largest Hispanic, family owned food business in America whose annual sales is nearly two billion dollars. However, the company started with humble beginnings from a small store in lower Manhattan in 1936. Over the years, the company experienced tremendous change and growth. Moreover, consumer preference to have packaged or canned foods that are time effective to cook further aided the company’s growth (Goya.com, 2014).   Likewise, this paper provides an overview of the marketing strategy employed by Goya foods which is discussed as below.
      According to Bovée & Thill (1992) marketing strategy is the overall plan to achieve its targets for a product through developing a comprehensive and competent marketing mix, which uses different set of distribution, place, promotional and pricing strategies. The different aspects of marketing strategy of Goya foods are highlighted as below:

Overall Marketing Strategy of Goya Foods

      Goya foods marketing strategy stems from diversity marketing as ever since its inception it has catered to the Hispanic customers but its marketing communications has always targeted the general customers (Vega, 2010).

Primary Customers of Goya Foods

Goya employs a special technological product called Geoscape that helps it to determine the different nationalities amongst its consumer base. This identifies the core segment and demographics of loyal customers to help the company tailor its marketing programs accordingly. Nonetheless, Goya foods enjoy a loyal customer base comprising of Hispanic consumers (Rover, 2013). Thus, it can be stated that the prime customers of Goya foods are Hispanics.

Marketing Mix

      This segment highlights the marketing mix of the company in its entirety. The marketing mix comprises of four main components, which are discussed as...