Google Workplace

One of the great companies to work for in the world today is Google. Google is a relatively new company that started a little more than a decade ago as an Internet startup headquartered in a garage. Today, Google is the world’s largest search engine, with fifty offices globally and more than twelve thousand employees. What’s fueled Google’s sky rocketing growth is the flexibility, financial security, and the opportunity to get things done provided by Google to its employees. A key component of why Google employees are able to achieve so much is because of the unique workplace they spend five out of the seven days of the week.
A policy at Google that pushes the productivity of its employees to even higher levels is the fun and flexible TGIF Fridays. At Google if you’re good at something, have passion to do it then you are empowered to do it. Each Friday Google employees get to work on any project of their choice. This policy originated from the way Google itself was born, two university dropouts working on some code in their garage. On Fridays employees are empowered to work on projects that are work related or something innovative and creative that the employees have come up with themselves. Google innovations such as Gmail, and Google News are the results of TGIF Fridays.
At Google working is not working rather it is innovation. Being a part of something that is special in a way that the entire world is keen to take its advantage is a remarkably fulfilling experience. Such appreciation is the motivation for Google to provide its employees with the best facilities to work in. A workspace that is diverse and flexible in order to keep employees productive while they enjoy themselves. At Google, employees are encouraged to go where no one has ever gone before, and have succeeded by lending a helping hand each and every time to each one of its employees. At Google working is beautiful, especially when one gets to say, "there are...