Good Family

Family plays a vital role in moulding a person to live in the society. The lifestyle followed by each family enriches the society in which it is a part. Therefore, a society consisting of good families will definitely lead the society to progress and goodness. India is a nation which attached paramount importance to family relationships. Kerala was also keen in upholding it. Formation of family in our land was never a frivolous act like changing of garments.
Every Keralite upheld the vision that family is a harmonious blend of it members. Our ancestors valued family above everything else. Hence, no one ventured to disrupt the harmony in the family by exaggerating little faults in relationships. It was the time of joint family system, when 90% of families fought with the nature for existence and lived happily with the limited resources they had. Even then they never attempted to go astray from truth and justice. They were equally concerned about the welfare of their neighbours just as they cared for themselves. So, they could maintain a strong solidarity between them. Until they began to flow with the times, they were ready to admit and rectify their mistakes and reconcile with themselves.
The patriarch or the male head of the family trained the members to turn away from sins. He also gives them the courage to lift their fingers against wrong doings. So, they did not turn their faces away from the wrongdoings of the society. Their conviction that all are brothers and sisters and that justice is permanent enabled them to refrain from sins and to point out the sins others.
Children of those families tried to follow those practices. Nevertheless, one tenth of the members of the society lived without following this way of righteousness. Besides, their circumstances determined the changes in their attitude.
The defective trends of the current lifestyle have adversely affected families today. They are more concerned about tomorrow than today. On their attempt to...