Gods Will Have Blood - Book Review

The Impact of the Jacobin Phase to the French Public
(Shown throughout The Gods Will Have Blood)

            The Gods Will Have Blood was set during the Jacobin Phase of the French Revolution, in which the French people were being impacted both positively and negatively. A food shortage is a wide spread scarcity of food, to execute is to kill as a punishment, and a mind-set is a mental attitude towards situations. The French citizens were impacted negiatively from the Jacobin Phase of the French Revolution by having a shortage of food, as well as being executed for no reason, yet were also impacted positively by having a new mind-set.  
            During the Jacobin Phase, the French citizens were faced with the disadvantage of   a shortage of food. An example of what extent this had grown to, was that the people were fighting over even the smallest amounts of food, which was expressed in the book by a girl claiming ‘you risk your life just to get three eggs and a quarter pound of butter’. Another example of the food shortage expressed in the book was when Citizenss Dumonteil said she hadn’t even seen butter in three months, which showed how scarce the food had become. Furthermore, the prices had gone up so much from the Jacobins that it caused lots of commotion such as shown when Anatole writes of the women cursing and screaming at the prices and scarcity of food as well as alarming stories that Royalists were trying to exterminate the Paris citizens. Another example of the food shortage shown in The Gods Will Have Blood, was a quote from the book, “In every household, the Revolution had emptied the cooking pot”.   All of these instances shown in The Gods Will Have Blood were based on the French lower classes facing food shortages.
            Another disadvantage faced by the French citizens during the Jacobin Phase was being executed for little to no reason. This was shown throughout the book, and one example would be where Evariste goes ‘What did it...