Latin America
consists of all the lands south of U.S.
known at latin america because the majority of langages spoken originated from latin
65% spanish
30% portugesee
527 mill people
majority catholic
brazil is the largest nation with almost 200 mill people
brazil also has the largest cathoilic pop in the world
mexico is second largest nation in LA
107 mill poeple
its is very diversified
unlike most developing nation LA live predominately in cities

geography of latin america
LA consists of various geographic feature
these features contributed to the developement of the economic cultural and political devolopment of the region

the andes are the largest chain in LA
these are found in the western side of continent
they are abundant in recources especially silver gold and cooper
they also create several problems problems for the nations in the mountain chain like volcanic earthquake and limited communication

lake titkaka- highest lake in the world
mt. Aconcagua- highest mnt in chili or in Andes

South america has flat grasslands located in both in the northern and southern part of the continent
pampas-the plains o fargentina
this region is used for cattle ranching and agriculture
it provides an abundant source of food for argentina and the surrounding region

these are the flt plains of columbia and venezuela
also provide agriculture and cattle herding

the amazon, the plata, and orinoco
largest in LA
deforestation is the result of logging agriculture, pasture, and industrialization
it leads to soil erosion severe flooding and droughts
grassification-the conversion of tropical rainforest into pasture
contributed to depletion of rainforest
since cattle pastures are seen as profitable business many have made efforts to convert forests into these grasslands

patagonian dessert
largest in LA
Located in chile
driest place

early history
westeren hemisphere had several prosperous...

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