Assignment 1: Summarization of the Author’s Thesis and Main Argument
Globalization is the international system that replaced the Cold War system. Globalization is the integration of markets, finance, technology, and telecommunications, enabling people to reach around the world, and the world to reach people, farther, faster, more deeply, and cheaply than ever before. The democratization of finance, technology, and information transformed the global power structure from of division (Berlin Wall) to one of dynamic integration and interconnectedness (the World Wide Web). Globalizations is defined with four key points: No more enemies, but competition for economic growth, increases the speed of innovation, and no single person or persons in charge. Secondly, states must adopt the “golden straitjacket,” embodying all the economic rules of the globalization system. Thirdly, the mass of investors are the key to states’ growth economically, and they are politically driven. Lastly, the fluidity of the international capital flow can cause either cause great wealth or great devastation, depending on the countries readiness or willing to except this new way.
Globalization has provided ways to prevent possible devastation, is by the balance of powers. They are state to state; state and super-market (stock-market) and states and super-empowered people. The first of the three balance of power is between state to state, this is no difference from the Cold War Era, US against Russia.   Although, there were only one division to worry about then, now we have to maintain balance of power to everyone (the competitors) every nation and every factor that will cause harm to the US. Now during the era of Globalization equals the integration of the world by the World Wide Web, there are no dividers or sides. This, caused the wall to break down opening us to everyone and everything, unlike the cold war where the Berlin Wall, provided know sides. Super-markets and super-empowered people, which...