Globalization is the intensification process of cultural, political, economic and cultural ties throughout the entire world. The principal aim of globalization is the bringing together of both the socio-economic as well as the political theories all over the globe. Moreover, it equally ensures presence of all aspects of the world in any particular global arena. Increased trade barriers breakdown and increased world market integrations are the major dealings of globalization. Moreover, globalization can be viewed as the systematic restructured evolution interactive phases between nations through the breakdown of barriers in communication, culture, commerce and many other areas of concern.

The major impact of globalization is that it brings about instances of technology changes in the commercial and industrial companies. On a more selective ground, new technology is indeed brought about in the process of globalization. Nonetheless, opposition of globalization by some companies does not translate to complete isolation from the international forum. But as per to date, no globalization advocate calls for selectivity of the process. More precisely, Pepsi and Coca-Cola companies are found in many countries though they offer very little in terms of new technological advancements. In addition to the two, designer clothes and cosmetic manufacturers also bring non- consequential new technology. The same situations can be replicated in the cases of non-durable consumer goods manufacturers and a majority of the advertising companies. Moreover, the impact of globalization is less significant in the developing countries. For instance, the investment in consumer goods and automobiles manufacture in these countries is detrimental to the cultures and structures of the existing companies. This is because the assembly lines and capital equipment used in the production processes are mostly imported....