Global Business Plan
Team D: Lorren Mitchell, Oralia Reyes
Maurice Wells, Amy Church
September 14, 2015
Joseph Lui

Executive Summary
Members of “Team D” are investors at a growing company made up of specialty beers.   Colorado Brewing Company started independently five years ago, and has made their specialty beers known in all of the local breweries, along with many large breweries around the US.   The four investors graduated from the University of Phoenix, and all have had a passion in creating a global company.   Due to the high success rate of the private company within the U.S., the investors have decided that this is the right time to integrate a beer into another country.   They will start with a popular spruce beer in Ireland because this beer has handled a large portion of the company’s profit over the past three years.  
The beer that the investors are introducing into the Irish culture is a beer that is made with real spruce needles from Alaska.   The taste is light and crisp and is a very refreshing beer compared to all of the other beers that rain over Ireland.   As many know, beer is an important component to the Irish culture, especially around St. Patrick’s Day.   For this reason, the investors want to test the U.S. favorite in Ireland during the national holiday.   Many large beer companies such as Guinness and Heineken rule the Irish beer market (Gayot, 2015).   However, smaller breweries and beer brands have been successful in the market.   Due to the uniqueness of the spruce beer, the investors know that Ireland will prove to be just as successful as the American states serving the beer today.  
Since the spruce beer was released in the U.S., the target audience for this specific beer has been tourists, both young and old.   The spruce beer stands alone in remaining one of a kind, therefore has become a favorite at many large breweries.   The breweries have overstated the need and want for the beer from tourists, so the investors are...