Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming

Global Warming has been a major concern in today's world political arena. The concern of having Earth's surface temperature increasing from to greenhouse gases that are produced by humans burning fossil fuels may have bring diasterious climate changes throughout the world. scientific evidence has suggested seven drastic global changes.
    The first major changes will be seen in temperature changes throughout the world.   With further global imbalances due to the burning of fossil fuels Earth's temperature may "increase a further 1.8-6.3 degree Fahrenheit by the year 2100" (Pitzl and Stewart). The warming of the temperature will cauuse glaciers and snow to melt scientific predictions state "between one third and one half of existing mountain glacier mass could disappear within the next one hundred years" (Pitzl and Stewart). The melting of the glaciers and snow will raise the sea level as much as "6 inches to three feet more by 2100" (Pirzl and Stewart). As a domino effect the rising sea level will cover more and more coastland as the ice starts of melt in the polar ice caps. The risinng sea water will cover coastal cities as well as endanger "saltwater marshes, mangroves, wetlands, coral reefs and river deltas" (Pirzl and Stwart). This domino effect will continue to threaten the Earth's forests as we will "experience a large-scale loss of trees" (Pirzl and Stwart). All of these changes are correlated with an increase of exetrme weather around the world, if conditions continue we will see an increase of storms, floods and extreme droughts in larger areas of the world. All of this changes leads to the negative impact on human health, extreme weather conditions shall lead to tornados, extended dry seasons and the spread of dieases that will threaten hunan life all over the planet.
    One of the major disagreements among the scientific community if wheither global warming is actually created by the burning of fossil fuels. There is scientific evidence that there was...