Global Strategy Case Study: Apple

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Q1. Create a profile of apple's product portfolio, including performance measures and essential competitive considerations. What strategic implications dose the profiles uncover?

Desktop PCs (Macs)
portables (Macs)
Other music related products and services
iphone & related products & services
ipad & related products & services
Peripherals & other hardware
Software, services and other net sales

Among personal computers, portables are usually almost doubly popular compared to desktops and generally second only in popularity to the iPhone and its related products and services. By 2010, the iPhone and its related paraphernalia comprised the bulk of Apple sales. However, before 2010, the net Mac sales exceeded those of the iPhone and its paraphernalia. On the other hand, iPhone sales were actually rising such that where they were quite a bit less than the portables in 2008, they were almost equal to the net Mac sales in 2009 and far exceeded them in 2010, whereas Mac sales dropped in 2009 before recovering in 2010.
The iPod sales encountered a drop during the financial crisis which they didn't quite recover from even after rising in 2010. This could be attributed in part to the rising popularity of the iPhone and the introduction of the iPad in 2010.  
Other music related products and services sales make more than miscellaneous software, services and other net sales and this trend has been steadily rising over the years from just 1.5 times in 2008 to almost double in 2010.
Software, services and other net sales make on average 1.5 times more than peripherals and other hardware. However, this difference in sales may increase since peripherals and other hardware showed a decline in sales during the financial crisis whereas the miscellaneous software, etc category had...