Gift of the Magi

Compare and Contrast of Madame Loisel and Della Young

Selfish, Thoughtful, rude, and kind are four words that seem expediently different from each other are not that far apart. They each describe Madame Loisel and Della Young. You know Madame Loisel and Della Young aren’t that different, think about how there both barley making it by and cant get anything they really want. Both are dynamic by the end from Madame Loisel is thinking more about life and that there’s more to it then being rich and she learns she is happy what she has. As well as Della Young thinking by the end that you don’t have to have a fancy dinner or gifts for Christmas all you need is each other. Also in the beginning the ladies are both describe as beautiful and elegant people. Otherwise Madame Loisel does not appreciate the work her husband does for her but on other hand Della Young is grateful for everything she has and welcomes her husband home everyday. Della Young’s hair is described as (beautiful hair that fell like a cascade of rippling water). In contrast to Madame Loisel at the end is described as an old raged looking women after all the hard work she has done. Madame Loisel isn’t happy with being middle class and wishes to be rich a magnificent. Which differs from   Della Young being happy with food on the table everyday and having a home. All in all Madame Loisel and Della Young are have many differences and similarities as most other people but by the end there is more similarities as both of the ladies become hard workers.