Gettysburg Battle

The American Civil War plays an important part in our history. Specifically, the Gettysburg battle and Lincoln’s Gettysburg address that followed. The image chosen was one that illustrates President Lincolns address to the American citizens, and revealing the sorrow amongst them.
“Four score and seven years ago…” are the famous words spoken by President Abraham Lincoln during the Gettysburg Address of the American Civil War. During the battle of Gettysburg there were what seemed to be at the time, infinite losses of our soldiers and all of those who fought. People were in a state of despair with the vast amount of fallen dead American soldiers lying around with no graves. There were few dead soldiers who lye across these battle grounds with the chance of being identified (Peatman, Jared). The reasons as to why only few soldiers were being identified were unclear.   President Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg Address was given at the national cemetery to honor those who have died fighting (Weik, James). People needed a time to morn their loss and express their desolations. “Local and state officials decided that the Union troops needed proper burials” (Burgan, Michael). I would imagine that this brought Americans a sense of closure for their losses of these noble soldiers.
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address of November 19, 1863 has become “one of the most famous speeches in history” (Burgan, Michael). His speech was only a few minutes, but was directed toward Americans realizing why we are in a civil war and how we must fight for our “equalities,” because they are not handed out to us.   This was the reason why it was significant to us as a country. Even though his speech was brief it was so memorable, because it provided Americans precisely with the goals of our nation (Burgan, Michael). With the acknowledgement of our goals it provided Americans with the hope they have been longing for. It gave them remembrance to as why thousands of their loved ones died on the battlefield....