General Grant and the Battle of Vicksburg

General Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of Vicksburg
   On July 4th 1863 the Confederate Army garrison under command of General Pemberton at Vicksburg Mississippi surrendered all forces and equipment to General U.S. Grant and his Federal troops. After nearly a year of several failed attempts and constant efforts to revise and adhere to new battle and invasion strategies to take over the garrison and the town of Vicksburg it, General Grant now had a key victory to sweep the southern controlled Confederate States and end the long and bloody Civil War. Though classified as the battle of Vicksburg, which could be proclaimed due to past engagements to take over this crucial Mississippi riverfront stronghold, the correct classification should be the Siege of Vicksburg as properly noted. After my extensive research capturing this crucial riverfront location was best planned by the siege and not an invasion type amphibious assault as originally planned. Also, General Grant deserves more credit as a Commander then what has been previously perceived of him during his campaigns in the Civil War.
   As a commander, General Grant had the experience from past battles during the Mexican American war to apply his battlefront strategies to his command during the civil war. A battle such as Vera Cruz in Mexico was a very similar campaign that he would encounter at Vicksburg. But to conclude this, of General Grant's experiences would give him an advantage over many commander's during the Civil War that he would encounter. General Ulysses S. Grant did not always attain a victory in every battle that he had Command over, but his victories at the battle of Shiloh had the odds against him and he was able to make a stand, and with the again the odds against him at Vicksburg, he would eventually have overcome another small plight of disadvantage. Vicksburg was the most important victory that General Grant had ever...