A gerontologia como campo do conhecimento científico: conceito, interesses e projeto político Gerontology as a field of scientific knowledge: concept, interests and political project


Shirley Donizete Prado 1 Jane Dutra Sayd 2

1 Departamento de Nutrição Social, Instituto de Nutrição da Uerj. Rua São Francisco Xavier 524, 12o andar, Bloco D, Pavilhão João Lyra Filho, Maracanã, 20550-900, Rio de Janeiro RJ. 2 Departamento de Planejamento e Administração em Saúde, Programa de PósGraduação em Saúde Coletiva do Instituto de Medicina Social, Uerj.

Abstract The article discusses gerontology’s intention to become the science of aging in Brazil. We considered Stengers’s idea that the development of a concept and the emergence of interests in different sectors of society concerned with a political project are the foundations for the establishment of a scientific field. We have identified important conceptual limitations involving old age and ageing delimitations, as well as other problems concerning hierarchies between inner spheres in gerontology and in other knowledge fields. Despite the important interests aroused by old age, gerontology seems to be on a very limited level as scientific park and as critical mass for the production of advanced research. It seems that present elaboration of a political process for gerontology lays on the attempt to incorporate epistemological discourse within a perspective which make us think of the need of deepening theoretical approach about the concept it intends to grasp, at the risk of failing in the organization of an important group of Brazilian researchers inserted in the international scene of scientific production on ageing individuals. Key words Aging, Aged, Gerontology, Geriatrics, Scientific production

Resumo Discutimos a gerontologia em suas pretensões de constituir-se como a ciência do envelhecimento no Brasil. Consideramos o pensamento de Stengers, que...