Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O'keefe: An Eye for Beauty

Georgia O'keefe's works are displayed all over the country, she is often referred to as the most moving and monumental female painter of her time. It is hard to compete with an O'keefe painting, and they are easily recognizable, yet not easily duplicated. She has much emotion behind her paintings and she wanted to world to see the beauty that she saw. There is no one main work of O'keefe's that is easily chosen and spoke about. Because she is so well known, and has literally hundreds of paintings on display everywhere , it is hard to single out just one. The meanings behind all her works were mostly trying to achieve the same goal- for the world to see simple beauty. Her techniques were different than other painters of her time, and through her techniques she gained attention of fans and produced gorgeous paintings for the world to enjoy long after she was gone.
“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it- it is your world for a moment.” (O'keefe, 1931). O'keefe longed to show the beauty of flowers and nature through her paintings. In her earlier days her paintings began with charcoal and a canvas, she claimed she would add color when the work needed color in order to express. Later she began to use flowers, which of course need all their color for expression, and she used them for just that. Georgia was one of the first of her time to blow up, crop and manipulate a picture. She used oil paints on canvas mostly and her most recognized paintings are these, later working with water color. She would zoom in on the flower, using the exact color it was in nature, and trying to zoom into each curve and bend of the flower, showing the flowers close up and when shown so close up, it was hard to ignore the beauty of the flower as well as the painting. “I decided if I could paint that flower in a large scale- you could not ignore it's beauty.” (O'keefe). Georgia wanted people to look deeper into her flowers and really see...