Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia was born on November 15th, in 1887 and she died on March 6th 1986. An American artist born near Sun Prairie WIsconsin, she became a major figure in Ameircan art. She challenged the boundaries of modern art in the American world of art. She also was the lover and wife of Alfried Stieglitz and posed for him in some of his photos, but none of her nude that I could find. He like to do nude women so that is strange and she was really hot back then from what I have seen.

Her birth was the first girl   for the O'Keeffe's second child of seven alltogether. I think they must have been catholic with that name and that many kids, but I could not find that anywhere. Her Mom made her and her sisters but not the brothers for some reason attend art classes.

Her parents consedered her to be a budding artist so they sent her away to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1905. Even then it was a pretty good school in a vibrant town. In 1907 she moved to New York and started going to the Art Students League where Gergia studied under the important and famous WIlliam Merritt Chase. Her oil painting "Mona Shehab" earned her a scholarship so she could go to the Leagues Lake George summer school out of the city but still in New York.

When she was really old, in her late 90's she became frail. She never stopped painting and worked till her last month. She died on March 6th 1986 and was then cremated and had her ashes scatter out in New Mexico.